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About Us

Hello and welcome to the – the ultimate hotspot for everyone as crazy about balloons as we are!

We're Jan and Mario, the brains behind Back in 2018, we threw our love for balloons and community support together and brought the to life.

It's all about the diversity and beauty of the Looner world here. Our lineup exclusively features top-notch brand balloons – from air ship and heart-shaped ones to figurines and giant balloons. There's something for every taste. We're especially proud of our exclusive designs, a hit in our community.

But hey, we're not just about selling products – on our social media channels, we foster lively interactions within the community. It's not just about balloons; it's also about sharing experiences, having fun, and that positive feeling of being yourself. We believe everyone has the right to explore their preferences without any judgments.

Whether you're a seasoned Looner or just diving into your first balloon adventures – you're in the right place with us. Dive into the, and let's together turn your unique balloon dreams into reality!

… and that's who we are, on a personal level

Matzerath _0001_MARIO.jpg

Mario Matzerath

Hello, I'm Mario, the one working behind the scenes with a passion for handling operational, legal matters, and sales. Graphic design for print templates is also part of my responsibilities.

Supporting our global community brings me immense joy as we offer the most beloved balloons at fair prices. This achievement is possible through seamless collaboration with Jan, who negotiates directly with manufacturers.

Your suggestions and desires are always welcome, and I strive to implement them all. Together, we shape into a place where balloon dreams come true!

Matzerath _0000_JAN.jpg

Jan Matzerath

Hi, I'm Jan – responsible for product photos and videos, as well as handling accounting and finance. Procuring new balloons and maintaining quality control are part of my duties. Every single balloon is meticulously inspected as we only provide top-notch quality in our online shop.

Directly engaging with you, our community, through social media brings me great joy. Regular exchange is crucial, allowing us to tailor our inventory to your preferences. Let's together transform into a place where your individual balloon dreams become a reality!